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In many of our numerous earlier books about UFOs and Aliens, we have tried to convince you that - ‘Yes, aliens and UFO’s do exist!’ But now we feel that so many men and women do believe that something definitely peculiar is going on, that can no longer be denied, we are now working from this premise that as an adult with a working brain and intellect - that you do now believe in Alien visitations and that they are well and truly proven as fact!

From the notorious ‘Foo Fighters’ of World War II that amazed U.S. pilots to the present-day sightings and filming of ‘Tic-Tacs’ and glowing green pyramids, plus acknowledgement by many authorities that these are real, we can finally acknowledge that Unidentified Flying Objects with capabilities far beyond our present human science are visiting Earth on a regular basis. It is no longer a case of - ‘is someone out there?’ but instead, ‘why are they here and what are we going to do about it?’

You may have seen many modern-day television programs about UFO’s and UAP’s which stands for ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’, all in preparation for the long-awaited 2021 release of information about these phenomena from the U.S. government, but what happened was extremely disappointing!

The short and uninformative US government report on UFO’s seen by military planes, did not even mention an extraterrestrial explanation for these super-advanced craft, and their inability to chase or capture one, but simply claimed that ‘they could not explain 143 of 144 reported UFO sightings’ and left it at that!
The report did not mention their own pilots’ or navy personnel’s sightings, but makes it clear that ‘much of the phenomena may be beyond the existing means the government has to identify such objects.’ Really, that’s the best that they can do? This was a 70-year Blue Book project, costing countless millions of dollars and a few confused paragraphs are all that they can manage?

Since, this amazingly boring non-statement, the Pentagon recently announced the formation of the ‘Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group’ to replace the ‘UAP Task Force’. Will it do as little?

Fortunately, Peru is not so reticent and has its own government department to explore the phenomenon. Thousands of people have seen the UFO’s and are not afraid to say so! But most sightings including those seen by countless men and women in Mexico City and filmed never make it to western mainstream news sources.

Countries such as Brazil, Canada, France, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and others have performed their own internal investigations concerning UAP’s and UFO’s rarely is any data released to the public.

A conspiracy of silence and sometimes definite intimidation of witnesses often accompanies any information given about sightings to government agencies.

Then why and how is such a monumental threat to Earth or alien interference being so universally ignored, suppressed and hidden to the Earth’s population?

In questionnaires, almost a third of people in America believe in UFO’s and almost half of those believe that they are alien in source.

These people have not ran screaming into the streets afraid of aliens or being invaded, but they do want answers, sensible, open answers and its time that the governments of the world gave it to them!’

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We suggest that you seriously do your own investigations and seek out the truth. Yes, you will find lots of misinformation and disinformation, but you may also come to understand that there is lots of intelligent life out there in the Universe, and it wants to contact us - when we are ready!

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