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 How to Love?

We all want love in our life and aspire to find our own Twin Flame or Soul Mate partner, but the course of true love does not always run smoothly! Here are some interesting articles and channelled messages about finding love and keeping it!

How to Love?

Surprisingly this is a question frequently asked by anxious men and women who have never truly experienced romantic love. They have read all the love stories and watched romantic movies, but their own hearts have never truly been given to someone else. They often think that true love is a myth invented by poets and writers. ‘Surely,’ they tell us, ‘it is just a mixture of lust and affection?’

Here is a channelled message given to us, The Abbotts by Kwan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion concerning learning to love someone else. 

“My dear children, you ask me ‘How do I learn to love another person? How do I find true love instead of just lust?’ And I tell you that it begins with understanding yourself. Have you ever put others’ interests before your own? Have you ever sacrificed something that you truly wanted for another person’s needs? Have you ever felt a true connection to another person’s mind and heart, not just their physical body? Many men and women have not!

Many people have been hurt in life and find Earth, a difficult place to live upon and so, at some point in their lives they say, “Now, I shall only look after my own interests, not others!” and they close down their hearts and their empathy and compassion.

They may have been hurt, emotionally or physically by their parents, siblings or lovers and their powerful egos react with closing down their loving natures. They develop a type of icy heart that does not allow itself to warm, in self-preservation. But then, when they want to be warm and loving towards a potential romantic partner, it will not warm up as intended, but remains remote and unfeeling!

How does one reawaken a dormant heart?

I suggest by learning to love others, not the beautiful, romantic ones, but the plain, lonely, unloved ones! Your heart needs to become compassionate, empathetic and working strongly, again. To do this you need to join a charity of some type and come face to face with men, women and children who need help.

When you begin to truly know others whether they are refugees, addicted, the poor or the ill, you start to use your mind and heart in a different way. Life no longer is just about your own welfare and needs but about others. As you work with these grateful people, you will come to understand that they are not so unlike you, at all! They smile, dance, sing, cry and have hopes for the future, and you are helping them achieve their goals. How proud are you!

As your heart swells with Unconditional Love for these people, often a strange thing happens - you begin to see that all people, no matter what gender or race, social class or age, are all connected and linked by chords of love. You are truly part of a huge lovingly connected life force!

And as you realise that everyone is connected by love and everyone is valuable and capable of being a friend, your icy heart melts away, and you are now ready to personally and romantically love someone else, as much as you love yourself!

Your loving energies attract to you someone of equal compassion and love. You are no longer selfish or self-centred, but not a martyr either, to someone else’s needs, but an equal partner in love. 

As you fulfil the needs of your romantic partner without thinking ‘what can I get out of this?’ and he or she does the same for you, your heart opens with true love!

And surprisingly, even if in time you both go your separate ways; you send them off with good wishes, for they have shown you how to love. Now, you can go on to meet someone even more special, your Twin Flame with a warm and open heart!

So this is how you learn to love, my dears, by loving others, helping others, opening your life to others and finally opening your heart to romantic and unselfish love!

Blessings to you all,

May you all find Love,

Kwan Yin”


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