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New Releases

Wake Up Quick, Its Happening Now!

Future Calamities Ahead!

Do you feel depressed, anxious or fearful about the future? If so, then read this low-cost ebook. Read about possible future scenarios, some, that will effect everyone in the next few years. Learn how to prepare for natural disasters & a global economic collapse & global financial crisis (G F C). Plus, discover the reasons why Humanity NOW needs such a harsh 'Wake-up' call. A Beacon of Light Book.

Viking Power Course

Ancient Knowledge, Modern Use!

A 7 Part Course

Ignite the Viking within! Read about the fascinating history & legends of the Vikings who ruled Scandinavia during the eighth to the eleventh centuries. Learn about the Viking gods including Odin, Loki, Freya & Thor plus the shield maidens with their brave deeds in battle. Learn how to visit Valhalla & develop your psychic skills by printing-out & learning to read the Runes. A Beacon of Light Book 

Super Awareness Course

Improving Your Life!

A 10 Part Course

Learn how to merge your conscious, subconscious & unconscious minds to create a powerful meta-conscious mind & become Super-aware. Learn the secrets of how to live in the NOW, create better relationships, improve your health, manifest positive career prospects & much much more. Plus, learn how to heighten all of your spiritual & psychic abilities. An amazing 10 part course. A Beacon of Light Book.

The Starseed Future

How Things Will Change!

The Starseeds are making great changes across the world, all societies, lifestyles & attitudes towards love & sex. Read about two very different lives, Kia a young woman living on the Pleiades & Sarah who like most of us, struggles to make a good life for herself on planet Earth! Discover if you are a Starseed & what you can do to create a positive future for yourself. A Beacon of Light Book. 

The Monkey's View of Human Life

Truth In Humour!

You will love Plato, a monkey philosopher with a difference! His amusing insights into the human condition will make you laugh out-loud & also make you ponder - are we really this crazy? A quick read book that everyone can enjoy from Grandparent to child & everyone in between! Easy reading & illustrated. A Beacon of Light Book. 

When Love Turns to Hate

And How to Ease the Breakup!

Anyone who has experienced a serious relationship breakup knows that it can be extremely emotionally painful. This book will help you understand that there is a gentler & more self-protective way to separate from someone that you loved - a higher more spiritual way to cope! You will discover why relationships fail & how to make a new long-lasting & happy relationship. A Beacon of Light Book.