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New Releases

I Am from Akroth :

 A Warrior Alien Species

Read about a wild, warrior race of aliens known as the Akroth. They are extremely strong with large bull like bodies & live in small tribes & clans. Their lives are filled with wars, strict tribal rules & harsh surroundings. Yet a growing number of these super-tough souls are incarnating to Earth, at this time to help bring in positive social changes. 
Are you from Akroth?
A Beacon of Light Book.

I Am an Avian : 

Alien Bird People! 

Are You an Avian or bird/human visitor to Earth?
Read about the advanced Avian/Bird races from Tau Ceti E & F. Read how they have visited Earth on numerous occasions & influenced many Egyptian, Asian & North & South American empires, during our long history. Discover why they visit Earth & how they live, love & work on their sixth dimensional Home Worlds & much much more.
A Beacon of Light Book. 

The Ultimate Alien Guide

Know Who Is Out There!

Read about more than 20 Alien species including the Pleiadians (Starseeds) & 10 new unknown species including the sensitive Epsilon Eridani, the octopus like Trappists & the Avian, the bird-like people of Tau Ceti! Read about the Gliese, a highly intelligent cat-like species, the hermaphrodite Keplerians & the bull like inhabitants of Akroth plus the descendants of Maldek!
A Beacon of Light Book.

Mysterious Photographs and Imaginative Solutions!

Do you love a good mystery? If so, read the facts about a lost race of giants from North America; frequent sightings of UFO’s in current day Norway, a time traveller in 1941, Canada & an amazing artefact found in a sealed tomb in China in 2008. Each mystery is accompanied with a genuine photo & a short fictitious story to entertain & amuse the reader! What really happened? A Beacon of Light Book.

I Am from Maldek : 

Survivors from Disaster

Do You have good mental, scientific & mathematical abilities & self-control? If so, You could have lived a former ‘Off-planet’ life on Maldek! Maldekians were seven feet tall, very slim, pale white/blue skinned humanoids. Read how you lived, loved & worked on Maldek during a 400 year Cold war & how the inhabitants destroyed their Home World with nuclear weapons! Plus much more. A Beacon of Light Book.