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Angels Myth or Real?

As clairvoyants and mediums, we have spoken to many angles and spirits and have written many books on this amazing phenomenon, which we can all do, but sadly, most people have forgotten!

Most people have two Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels throughout their life, from birth to death. One usually represents itself as a female and the other as a male. The female angel or yin energy often comforts, heals and gives guidance from a gentle feminine perspective, while the male guide often protects, advises and gives support from a stronger yang energy. These Spirit Guides are often entities that you have known in past lives, family members who have passed over to the astral realms or unrelated volunteers who wish to help and experience the conditions you are going through in your current life.

Your Guides are NEVER judgmental about your behaviour or actions, as they understand your motivations, very clearly. However, they are there to help you become more Divine in nature, so it is worthwhile listening to their loving advice, as it may save you a lot of unnecessary heartache. On meeting your Guides consciously for the first time, it is possible you will remember meeting them in the dream state, previously or recall them as a childhood companion.

Try to consciously and regularly talk to your Guides. Make friends of them. Ask them for advice and ask them to direct you in practical ways, e g., find parking spots in busy areas, locate an article you are searching for at the shops, direct you to the right people for certain tasks. When you truly make contact with your Guides you do not ever have to be lonely again. They are there for love, guidance, and support any hour of the day or night.

Teacher Spirit Guides

Many Teacher Guides will come to you, for short periods in your life, to educate you about certain aspects of your physical or spiritual journey. There are Teacher Guides who specialize in Art, Music, Dance, Mathematics, Healing etc., and are always available for higher inspirational help, as all Guides have access to the Akashic Records and the Universal Consciousness. Call upon them to help you with specific and complicated tasks!


The Archangels who oversee Creation and never incarnate on Earth, are located on the Silver Level, connected to the silver chakra above your head. These angels, such as Michael, Uriel, Ariel, and Raphael etc., are always willing to come to you for guidance, protection, and comfort. Call them in around you, when needed. Just send out a mental request and they will be there. There are amazing stories of angels who have prevented muggings, robberies or aided those in need.

There are of course many other levels of angels to guide and comfort you. We have written many low-cost books about safely connecting with these higher beings. Please look them up!